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Sasti Engineering is the manufacturer of Commercial Grinders, Chocolate Melangers in Coimbatore, India. We are selling grinding machinery products to both domestic and aboard. Though our primary focus is to sell products aboard, we also sell in India. Call us or fill the enquiry form below to send your enquiry

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    12C, Dhatchan Thottam (Near Opp. Dharma Sastha School) Vilankurichi road, Coimbatore-641035. Tamil Nadu, India.

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    +91 999 442 6166
    +91 944 336 2162

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We welcome customers for open discussion to pros and cons of our products and quality of our services

Manufacturers of Wet Grinders & Cocoa melangers

We ensure a robust and powerful motor design to handle full load. We use food grade stainless steel, rust-resistant stainless steel.

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